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Friday, March 19, 2010

who is responsible for eve TEASING: Boys or Girl

Favor of (Boys)

  • Girls motivate boys with their body language. Sometimes their dresses play a role to motivate boys
  • Many are not willing to react in the beginning due to many reasons. This attitude shows path to the boys.
  • Girls should reply back or report back to police so if any one is doing this kind of activities should stop this.

Against of Boys

  • Boys are completely responsible of such kind of acts.
  • But not all boys are the same. A few boys who are illiterate and low class are mostly doing this kind of activities.

    • Government should take strict action against. this kind of people.
      Girls should also raise their voice if someone tease them and be strong enough to tackle the issues
       Boys are not responsible for every incident but a few times girls are also responsible.

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